Glue designs and sells smart locks for doors - primarily in Sweden where they were founded. After discovering many issues with deliveries - such as missing them and having to queue at delivery points at the nearest grocery store to retrieve their packages, Glue decided to use their smart lock technology to introduce an in-home delivery service.
I was responsible for designing and helping launch a new in-home product called Glue InHome - an iOS and Android app to take the pain out of online delivery by delivering parcels in your home. Glue’s trained delivery team could deliver packages and groceries in-home so users didn't have to queue at pick-up points or waste time waiting for a delivery. 
The features of the app included:
- Activate your Glue Lock
- Manage InHome deliveries
- Watch video receipts of deliveries
- Manage payments
Since launching the app in Stockholm in January 2019, Glue’s InHome deliveries were tried thousands of times with a customer satisfaction rate of 92%.

Persona for typical Glue lock user

Mind mapping

Flow diagram for parcels and notifications

Design language
Android buttons
Form controls
UI Design
Choosing a lock
Welcome onboarding
Choosing a delivery date
Booking delivery
Interaction and motion design

Interaction design for iOS input fields

Design for an on-boarding video

iOS app store screenshots


iOS interactive prototype

Android prototype

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