Fresh Fitness Food was born out of a passion for fresh, healthy, nutritious food, powered by science, and driven by the goal to deliver convenience. They create highly tailored plans that give their customers the precision, structure, and consistency their body needs in order for them to achieve their health and fitness goals.
Problem & Goal
There were three core problems with the service that needed to be solved, based on internal feedback from nutritionists and also customers. 
1. Relying on a generic equation to estimate how many calories a person burned often resulted in a value that was inaccurate, leading to a mismatch of energy intake and expenditure.
2. Even when a meal plan was being followed fairly strictly, there were often items consumed in addition (coffee, fruit, snacks). When the calories for these items were not taken into account, it could inadvertently take the person out of a calorie deficit, and impede their progress towards health and fitness goals.
3. Clients needed to login to the website to make any account changes or view their menus, which was quote inconvenient and lengthy.
Some brief discussion, research and discovery led us to propose an iOS app that would include the following features:
1. Smartwatch integration and food logging - ensures there is no mismatch of energy intake and expenditure. The calorie deficit or surplus needed to support the health and fitness goal is applied, and the client is supplied with hyper-personalised, nutritious meals in the exact macronutrient quantities that are best suited to their goals.
2. Client features - a seamless way for clients to view their daily menu, skip or pause deliveries, and update their nutritional requirements.
Brief user testing suggested a positive reception and good usability and functionality. Proper data TBC later this year after the app launches.
Design Process
User flow
User flow

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Style guide
Screen design
Final prototype
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