Superdrug Health Clinics offer health appointments on local high streets at over 60 Superdrug stores nationwide. All the clinics offer a comprehensive travel clinic service to help people stay safe and healthy wherever their travels take them.
The digital product offered a way for users to find their nearest clinic, get travel advice for their destination country, see the vaccinations they'd need and book an appointment online.
We discovered the site had many problems with its UX and usability through our customer services team, research and data. People struggled to use the clinic finder and our travel destination information was confusing and unclear - especially in terms of vaccination information.
Can we provide users with more useful travel information and help them find and book their nearest clinic with more ease?
Product designer in a lean cross functional team consisting of a product manager, front-end and back-end developer.
We redesigned the website with an improved clinic finder and comprehensive travel vaccination information in June 2017.
Since launch, we have increased booking call volume by 156%, indicating that users are able to find the information they need easier and are more encouraged to book with us.
Target audience
Information Architecture
Low-fidelity prototype
Visual design

Mobile visual designs and interactions for the clinic finder

Mobile visual designs and interactions for travel destinations

Homepage designs across viewports

High-fidelity prototype

Superdrug Health Clinics Marvel prototype

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