What Hi-Fi?, founded in 1976, is the world's leading independent guide to buying and owning hi-fi and home entertainment products. For 30+ years, the What Hi-Fi? Awards have been the ‘Oscars’ of the hi-fi and home cinema industry, with a Product of the Year and Best Buys at a series of price points in every product category.
What Hi-Fi? was born in print, but it needed to move into the digital age with a cutting edge website that offered what the magazine did, but online.
What Hi-Fi? needed a responsive website that would serve reviews of all of their products to the user across all platforms, internationally. It was a big job. The first step was to establish the business goals, which we constantly referred to to ensure every decision and feature aligned with them.
To give myself a better understanding of the features and facets of the product, I created the below mind-map.
Deciding to be truly digital and cutting-edge, I decided to create wireframes, design a 'style guide' and then prototype the whole website in-browser instead of creating design assets to hand over to the development team. I believed this would help all stakeholders and myself see the website on real devices and test them instead of just seeing and signing-off on 'pretty pictures'
Below are links to the the HTML prototypes I designed and built in-browser.

Final product

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