Hello, my name is James Southorn and I'm a 32 year old living in London, UK.
Design is a hobby and passion of mine. Entirely self-taught, I spend much of my spare time learning about many facets of design - UI trends, patterns, coding practices, design languages, UX techniques, design tools, typography, interaction design, branding etc.
In the 11 years I’ve spent working professionally as a designer, I have evolved and focussed my skills; thriving as a hands-on product designer working on the end-to-end process of discovery (researching, ideating, prototyping) through to delivery (UI and interaction design) - all whilst testing and iterating. This all results in products that are user-centred, beautiful and functional. 
With years of experience working with designers and product teams and also on my own, I believe I can be an asset to any company and work in any environment.
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